Working with me

Simple. Stress-free. Fun. Here’s what it’s like working with me:

Don’t worry, be happy

I try to bring a few things to the table when I work with you: amazing photos, peace of mind, and attention to details (so you don’t have to!)

I take pride in not only taking great photos, but making you feel super comfortable doing it as well. Throughout the day, we’ll chat, make jokes, and do my best to put you at ease so the most natural “you” shines

I stay on time. No lie, I’ve never had a wedding run late. Seriously. Don’t worry about the time, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how I’d sum up exactly what I’m all about:

Great photos

Duh. Priority number one right? The number one goal is to exceed your expectations when it comes to your photos. I strive to create imagery you be excited about sharing with your friends and family on facebook and instagram!


Simply put, I want you to know what’s going on (and I want to know too!). So I’ll work with closely from the day you book to make sure everything is set up for success. I’ll work to plan your schedule, work with coordinators, and walk you through exactly what to expect. That way, on the big day you just have to show up and look good!

Stress free

No one wants to be stressed out on their wedding day — especially by the photographers. I work to keep the day positive, light-hearted and focused on the celebration – YOUR WEDDING! I believe weddings should be one of the happiest days of your life; and I’ll do everything I can to ensure no stress gets in the way.


This is a party right? I love to have fun, and love to have fun at weddings. You may even catch me out on the dance floor throwing down. It’s your wedding, let’s celebrate.

Sounding good?

If it sounds like we’d get along, let’s chat! Head over to the contact page and tell me who you are. We’ll grab dinner, go for a walk, or hop on FaceTime and get this going!